Love this show!!!!!

Love this show!!!!!

Are you fucking kidding me… Reallyy fighting over homework that only toook 2 minutes

You’re my soulmate, i love you more then anything

I can’t stoppp thinking bout it ugghhh it’s goinn backk upp:(()))))) haha
Oommmggggg I still feel u rubbingg itt and I’m seriouslyy dieinggg it felt sooo goods thankk youu:))))
…..I can’t takeee it anymoree we need to do this nowwwwww
I love when you smile it makes me think about how lucky I am to be with you..you are the only person whoo I can talk to on the phone for longer then 5hourss haha .. I really am serious I’m am no maddd I promise I love you and nothing will change that not even in a month or even a year I love you sooo much and can’t wait to see your beautiful face again..and I look forward to wakeing uppp to you every morning and just looking aT you and just smileing until I start cryingg :)) you are Oo beautiful and I love youu sooo muchh
Youu don’t realize how talented you are.. You sing like and angel and you look like one too. So beautiful …I wouldn’t change anything about youu